May 18, 2016

mailbox/hotdesk service

Mailbox - £10 per month

The service includes:

• Business address

• Mail and packages received and signed for

• Use of coffee bar area at any time whilst on-site

• Discounts on host desk and/or meeting rooms

*minimum sign-up of 12 months    **make this line smaller text**


Hot Desk - £15 per hour

Hot desks are a great way to remain in a socially interactive working environment and use the facilities of another building in a friendly community environment, whilst only paying for the hit desk you use.

When you want the facilities and space an office can provide - but only need to drop-in occasionally, then our hot desk service is a convenient and practical solution. You'll only pay for the space you use, when you use it, with no need to commit to the financial investment of permanent office space.

This service includes:

• A chair and desk in a shared office space

• Access to a computer and printer

• Access to the internet

• Access to available rooms for meetings

• Free parking

• Reception service

• Use of coffee bar whilst on-site

*minimum sign-up  of 5 hours per month    **make this line smaller text**