February 16, 2016

Terms and Conditions of the Loyalty Club

Rules and Code of Conduct for members of The Loyalty Club.

All members of The Loyalty Club  agree to abide by certain Rules and Code of Conduct in the knowledge that serious or persistent breach will result in the member being excluded from scheme either temporarily or permanently

The following are fundamental Rules of The Loyalty Club:

1. Membership is for a minimum of 12 months (continues)

2. No monitory value will be given for offers not take up.

3. Free Healthcare and Personal Accident is with WPA and is for the named loyalty club member only (and dependent children under 18 years old), additional friend/family members can be added at an additional cost of £7 per month.

4. Free name badge will be ordered per the details provided on the order form (i.e. named loyalty club member).

5. Additional terms apply for members who pay monthly:

     .5a. Can only use 1 free networking meeting per month.

     .5b. Free name badge will be  will be ordered upon receipt of second payment (in the name of the loyalty club named member only).